The Customer Service and Employee Relations Mirror

It’s fair to say that new employees when they are first hired generally want to impress and do a good job. They may soon discover, however, that in order to do the job well they must rely on others within the organisation for guidance, information or materials. Unfortunately what they need is sometimes late or […]

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Training Programs

The Complete Presenter – Speak with Power & Persuasion “No skill can open more doors, create more visibility and provide more power than speaking before a group” The Complete Presenter is a small group, intensive two-day program that will give you the action points, skills and confidence to maximise your message impact. You’ll sharpen delivery […]

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Get Greedy for Results!

Finding a credible, effective and professional presenter to add spice and value to your conference or business session can be quite a challenge. Mistakes can be costly. Money is at stake, but so are reputations and professional credibility. Yet at the end of the day a well-crafted relevant message, delivered with professionalism, power flair and […]

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