Conference Speeches

Finding a credible, effective and professional presenter to add spice and value to your conference or business session can be quite a challenge. Mistakes can be costly. Money is at stake, but so are reputations and professional credibility.

Yet at the end of the day a well-crafted relevant message, delivered with professionalism, power flair and humour will guarantee a superb conference outcome. In a years time people are unlikely to remember the menu at the conference lunch, but they’ll remember a powerful speaker who connects with the audience and lifts the program rating.
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The objective of every presentation is to satisfy the individual client’s exact requirements.

Depending on client briefing, presentation options can range from a keynote address, seminar format or full scale interactive workshop session to maximise audience involvement.

Quality presentations should address not only the ‘why to’ of business issues, but also the ‘how to’ and ‘want to’ to maximise awareness and learning impact.

Presentation outcomes will educate, motivate and entertain each target audience with concepts and ideas for immediate application for personal, professional and business development.

Building Business for Bottom Line Results

“What makes one business surge ahead in difficult times whilst others are back amongst the also-rans?”

The key to success depends on just how well you can work smarter, show leadership and position the business to take advantage of growth opportunities in the new decade.

This presentation is packed with practical, solid, proven and successful ideas for you to maximise opportunities, increase motivation and personal effectiveness to lift sales and profits.

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf

The Relationship Connection… Service and communication excellence

“Every organisation today needs to embrace the true nature of relationship marketing, with a service value system built into every facet of activity.”

In a highly competitive marketplace, product or service quality relates to the whole experience in doing business with the company. Customer perceptions are influenced by many, sometimes silent, small relationship transactions between the organisation, public or customers.

This stimulating and ideas packed presentation delivers proven and valuable strategies to raise performance and build a clear strategic business advantage.

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf

The Power of Influence… Skills to achieve more through others

“In today’s high tech low touch world the ability to positively influence others is a high priority professional development skill.”

The certainty is that to progress in your chosen vocation you will need to influence more people.  Influence is a complex web of interpersonal communication factors based on personal values, confidence, personal style and level of emotional intelligence.

This is a highly practical and entertaining presentation, designed to raise the bar in professional communications with results driven ideas for immediate application

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf

Future Australia 2025 Transition to a new world

“We live in turbulent times of dramatic change. The fundamental rules of doing things have changed dramatically… and it’s only the start. ”

What was right in the past in many cases is wrong for today. What was impossible and crazy 5 years ago is today so ordinary that we forget it wasn’t always that way. By 2025 the way we live and do business will be very different. Automation, globalisation and innovation will change Australia and the world around us.

Every occupation and every household will be effected by automation. This brings new values and motivation to every area of human activity. This powerful presentation will heighten awareness of dramatic trends and stimulate new ideas to harness change to survive and thrive towards 2025.

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf

Choosing Success… Success doesn’t happen by chance

“There are people who will argue this point. They are the people who stand there hoping they have just purchased a winning lottery ticket. ”

Then there are those who refuse to leave success to chance. They take responsibility both personally and professionally for their progress.

Learn practical and proven ideas to take control and move towards the achievements and success you wish to create in your chosen field of endeavour.

This session will power up your performance with practical, motivational and realistic concepts to choose success.

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf

Professionalism Plus… Raising the bar on personal & professional performance

“Professionals are found in every walk of life. They are the proactive high achievers who perform with excellence.”

They are the standouts in all occupations. Some have outstanding technical skills, others do not. They come from all age groups and backgrounds.

Some are dynamic thinkers and risk takers whereas others are more introverted and conservative. Yet they all share unique and special attributes and build on qualities we can all cultivate.

This challenging, motivational and entertaining session identifies the unique and special attributes to position an individual as a true professional.

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf

Presenting with Power, Punch & Pizzazz

“The ability to speak confidently and communicate ideas effectively is essential for personal and professional success. “

When it comes to getting action and swaying opinion, one sparkling presentation is worth 5 arguments in discussion, 30 emails and 50 face to face meetings.

Strong presentation skills can enhance a career; poor skills can ground a rising star. Learn how to deliver standout presentations to connect with any audience every time.

How to avoid death by PowerPoint, and stay on track to deliver with Power, Punch & Pizzazz.

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf

The Leadership Challenge to Build a Winning Team

“Leadership is a priceless commodity and the source of organisational salvation in an ever-changing world.”

Leadership is the worst defined, least understood personal attribute sometimes possessed by human beings. Yet business performance is directly related to the Leadership impact on team motivation and morale.

Learn how each team creates its own culture based on the unwritten ground rules developed within a team to guide attitudes, beliefs and performance standards.

The leadership challenge today is to achieve the work objectives, develop the team and at the sa

Download – Get Greedy for Results.pdf