Business Seminars

seminar_imageThe objective of every presentation is to satisfy the individual client’s exact requirements. Depending on client briefing, presentation options can range from a keynote address, seminar format or full scale interactive workshop session to maximise audience involvement. Quality presentations should address not only the ‘why to’ of business issues, but also the ‘how to’ and ‘want to’ to maximise awareness and learning impact. Presentation outcomes will educate, motivate and entertain each target audience with concepts and ideas for immediate application for personal, professional and business development.

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Building Business

Customer Service

Building Business for Bottom Line Results

Raising the Bar on Business Excellence.
“Business is a game, the greatest game in the world, if you know how to play it”… Thomas Watson, CEO, IBM.

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Service Excellence the Relationship Connection

Strategies to keep your customers happy.

Customer service comprises of many, sometimes small and insignificant relationship interactions between the business, the customer and the public. Each interaction is a powerful positive or negative public relations statement.

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Managing Your Customer Service Strategy for Success

Your business brand stands and falls on every customer interaction.

Many of the service concepts of the past are now obsolete. Customers need to be redefined as anyone who can influence the way you do business. Success means creating positive relationships in every business activity.

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Managing People for Results

Strategies and tools to switch people on.

If you want to switch on employees and build team motivation then this is the program for you. Learn what wins through in our changing workforce with a mix of Gen Y’s, Gen X’s and Baby Boomers.

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Professional Selling the Key to Business Growth

New Creative Ideas to Build Sales & Profits.

Learn essential consultative selling skills you’ll fi nd comfortable to use. Most sales skills of the past are simply irrelevant to the reality of today’s service relationship driven marketplace.

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Professional Strategies and Skills for Personal and Business Success

Raising the bar on personal effectiveness.

Learn practical and effective ideas to build professional skills and confidence to make real progress and accelerate advancement in your chosen career.

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