Business Skills Training

trainingThe objective of every training session is to satisfy the individual client’s exact needs. Depending on client briefing, training options can range from short presentations to full scale highly interactive workshops to heighten learning and group involvement. Quality training should address not only the ‘why to’ of business issuers, but also the ‘how to’ and ‘want to’ to maximise awareness and learning impact. Training outcomes are designed to educate, energise, and motivate each target group with concepts and ideas for immediate application into the workplace for personal, professional and business excellence.

The Power of Influence

Confidence and self respect for better relationships

The ability to influence others is a prime get-ahead skill. An absolute requirement for gaining respect in professional and personal life. A must for people at all levels, where accurate, specific and effective communications are critical.

BST-Power of Influence

Choosing Success

Most people aim at nothing in life, and hit it with amazing accuracy

Success does not happen by chance. Some people would argue that point; these are the people who hope they have just purchased a winning lottery ticket.

BST-Choosing Success

High Impact Service Excellence

Strategies to keep your customers happy and make your job easier

Customer focus, vision and excellence are meaningless “buzz words” unless they are seriously integrated into the day-to-day thinking and activities in the business.

BST-Service Excellence

Managing Difficult Behaviours

Influence and coping skills to keep your cool

Today we operate in a high-pressure workplace, where people have less time and where customers have ever increasing expectations of higher levels of service and attention.

BST-Managing Difficult Behaviours

Meeting Leadership and Facilitation Skills

Save time and get better results

Many meetings are a waste of time. People often wonder why they are there and find meeting unproductive, boring and downright demoralising.

BST-Meeting Facilitation Skills

Professional Selling

For performance and profits

In an increasingly competitive market place, more and more money is needed to support the advertising and promotional thrust to stimulate market response.

BST-Professional Selling

Professional Skills for Success

Changes, values, motivations and practical team skills

Business everywhere seeks more effective ways to operate in a changing and demanding world where quality outcomes and professionalism is essential for survival and growth.

BST-Professional Skills for Success

Managing your Customer Service Strategy for Success

Beyond rhetoric to bottom-line results

This is the era of customer sovereignty and rebellion. Customers insist on getting what they have paid for, products that work, delivery on time and respect with courtesy at the point of contact.

BST-Managing Customer Strategy

Time Management to Get Things Done

Practical ideas for busy people

Organisational skills for people, who have too much to do, not enough time, and want to get more control over their work and life.

BST-Time Management

Managing People for Results

Build team support, motivation & performance

Leadership is a priceless commodity and the source of business salvation in an ever changing world.

BST-Managing People for Results

Performance Management

Counselling & Coaching Skills for Success

Achieving results through others is the key to leadership success.

BST-Performance Management