Business Skills Training

The objective of every training session is to satisfy the individual client’s exact needs. Depending on client briefing, training options can range from short presentations to full scale highly interactive workshops to heighten learning and group involvement.

Quality training should address not only the ‘why to’ of business issuers, but also the ‘how to’ and ‘want to’ to maximise awareness and learning impact.

Training outcomes are designed to educate, energise, and motivate each target group with concepts and ideas for immediate application into the workplace for personal, professional and business excellence.

Choosing Success… Personal Motivation and Goals

“Most people aim at nothing in life, and hit it with amazing accuracy”

Success does not happen by chance. Some people would argue that point; these are the people who hope they have just purchased a winning lottery ticket.

Then there are those who refuse to leave their life to chance. They take responsibility both professionally and personally for their actions and their progress. They develop a plan to take them in new directions.

Choosing Success is designed to help you achieve more of your potential and provides a specific step by step approach to setting performance goals.

BST-Choosing Success MAR2018

Emotional Intelligence…Essential skills for Professional success

Emotional intelligence is now regarded as a key ingredient for professional and personal success. More and more emphasis is now placed on how well we handle ourselves and each other..

Some people may think that emotional intelligence is about being nice to people, that somehow being soft or submissive will achieve better influence with others. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions to reduce stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges, confront issues and defuse conflict”

High emotional intelligence means being able to recognise your own emotional state and the emotional states of others.

BST-Emotional Intelligence MAR2018

Leading and Managing Teams…How to build the team & develop people

Achieving results through others is the key to leadership success

In any team environment, people perform at different levels and with different motivations based on the maturity and attitudes they bring to the job. This team development program focuses on the skills and attitudes needed to move a work group to an effective team status.

Today teams are the mainstay for progressive business development. Because team performance is directly related to the collective maturity, motivation and morale of the team members, each team develops a unique culture and sets their own unofficial standards of behaviour and performance.

The culture may deliver highly effective outcomes. Alternatively a poor team culture will be very detrimental to business performance.

BST-Leading Managing Teams MAR2018

Managing your Customer Service Strategy for Success

This is the era of customer sovereignty and rebellion. In a competitive and changing world, it’s no longer enough to have an excellent product or service. It’s the whole customer experience that matters

Every business, large or small must meet the challenge of rising customer expectations with higher levels of service delivery. Service excellence begins with a restless dissatisfaction with the status quo. It starts with leadership from the top and is driven by those who say “How can we better position our Brand in the market.”

Today customers need to be redefined as anyone who can influence the way you do business. Success now goes to those organisations prepared to embrace the concept of positive relationship management in every area of business activity. Everyone is part of a service team and how they perform delivers a powerful message to the market.

BST-Managing Customer Strategy MAR2018

Managing Difficult Behaviours

Influence & Coping Skills to Keep Your Cool

Today we operate in a high-pressure workplace, where people have less time and where customers have ever increasing expectations of higher levels of service and attention. Increased hostility places extra pressures and stress on staff, especially when working with higher demands for increased service standards.

To cope with these expectations puts new pressure and stress on staff confronted with customer hostility, especially when working with reduced resources against the demand for enhanced response and service standards. In this environment, confidence and influence skills are a “must” for people at all levels of the organisation.

This program delivers practical relating and coping skills where accurate, specific and effective communications are critical. In this practical program, you will learn how to treat others with confidence and how to handle conflict positively, even in emotional situations. These skills are important in all areas of business and personal life.

BST-Managing Difficult Behaviours

Managing People for Results

Build team support, motivation & performance

Leadership is priceless commodity and the source of business salvation in an ever changing world. Leadership is the worst defined, least understood personal attribute possessed by some human beings.

Yet business growth is directly related to the quality of leadership delivered. People do different things for different reason. Based on their experiences, each individual brings a unique and complex set of values, motivations and perceptions to the workplace.

Team performance is directly related to the collective values, maturity, motivation and morale of the team members. Based on these issues, each team develops a unique culture and sets unwritten ground rules for standards of behaviour and work performance.

BST-Managing People for Results

Negotiation Skills

Fundamental personal skills we use every day

Every day we come in contact with others and how we negotiate those en counters can have a profound impact on professional and personal performance.

Whenever we endeavour to influence another person through an exchange of ideas or items of material value, we are negotiating. Our daily activities involve buying and selling, resolving differences, developing work plans and staff grievances…we are negotiating.

All these issues involve negotiation and can be better managed by using practical negotiating techniques. Traditionally we consider that the rewards go to those with more power, resources and talent. Yet this is not necessarily so

BST-Negotiation Skills

Performance Management

Counselling & Coaching Skills for Success

Achieving results through others is the key to leadership success. In any team environment, people perform at different levels and with different motivations based on the maturity and attitudes they bring to the job.

This performance management program focuses on the skills and attitudes needed to counsel and coach on-the-job issues and to provide feedback on employee performance.

Discussions between team leaders and team members on work performance issues are often challenging and demanding and can lead to a battle of wits and competitive point scoring from both parties. Old leadership ideas may cause the process to become unproductive and lead to diminished communication and morale.

BST-Performance Management

The Power of Influence… Success through Emotional Intelligence

Confidence & self respect for better relationship

The ability to influence others is a prime get-ahead skill. An absolute requirement to achieve success in professional and personal life and a must for people at all levels where accurate and effective communications are critical.

More and more emphasis at work is now being placed on how well we handle ourselves and each other. Today in our technically driven world we are judged by a new yardstick that includes how well we relate to others and the level of emotional intelligence and maturity we bring to the workplace.

The focus is on personal qualities, such as initiative and empathy, adaptability and persuasiveness.

BST-Power of Influence

Professional Presentations with Power, Punch & Pizzazz

Influence an audience with poise and persuasion

The ability to influence a group with confidence, persuasiveness and flair is essential for personal and professional success: yet often presentations are ineffectual, dull and boring. Some people believe that presentation skills are only for those who stand at a lectern, supported by clever PowerPoint, before thousands of people.

But the fact is you make presentations every day. You are called upon to communicate, to persuade, to convince – speaking one on one or before a group.

When it comes to getting action and swaying opinions, one sparkling presentation is worth five arguments in discussion, 30 emails and 50 face to face meetings.

BST-Professional Presentations

Professional Selling

For Performance and Profits

In an increasingly competitive market place, more and more money is needed to support the advertising and promotional thrust to stimulate market response.

Yet, the two most important marketing questions today should be: “What actually happens when the customer meets the salespeople?” “What can we say or do to increase the conversion of prospects to customers?”

The point of differentiation in customer choice is often the relationship developed with the salesperson.

BST-Professional Selling

Professional Skills for Success

Change, Values, Motivations & Practical Team Skills

Business everywhere seeks more effective ways to operate in a changing and demanding world where quality outcomes and professionalism is essential for survival and growth.

The emphasis for improvement is often on the work process, and that’s important, but equally so are the attitudes people bring to work and the relationships developed between colleagues, customers and people in teams at all levels of the business.

BST-Professional Skills for Success

High Impact Service Excellence (1/2 Day <> Full Day)

Strategies to keep your customers happy & make your job easier

Customer focus, vision and excellence are meaningless “buzz words” unless they are seriously integrated into the day-to-day thinking and activities in the Business.

Everyone throughout the business has potential impact on customers. All need to understand how their communications and attitudes affect others and how to positively enhance their impact.

BST-Service Exc 1/2 Day MAR2018     BST-Service Exc Full Day MAR2018

Time Management to get things done

Practical ideas for busy people

Organisational skills for people, who have too much to do,  not enough time, and want to get more control over their work and life. Time management is about self-management and is highly personal.

We all have exactly the same number of hours in each day, but each of us use the hours differently. The way we elect to spend our time determines the quality of life.

BST-Time Management MAR2018