Business Speaking & Training Skills

winning 2Brian Greedy conducts results driven Business Speaking and Training Skills programs with development through participation and involvement.

Conducted in small group workshops, the programs allow for video recording of presentations, followed by constructive feedback and individual coaching in a risk free and non competitive environment.

Programs are guaranteed to deliver real skills and confidence in every situation.

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The Complete Presenter

Speak with Power and Persuasion

If you present to 5 or 500, you can survive and thrive in every speaking situation. Stand up, speak out and make a positive impact every time.

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Professional Presentations with Power, Punch & Pizzazz

influence an audience with poise and persuasion

The ability to influence a group with confidence, persuasiveness and flair is essential for personal and professional success: yet often presentations are ineffectual, dull and boring!

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Advance Innovative Training Techniques

Power Skills for Training Excellence

Quality training delivered by a competent, effective presenter is a cornerstone in the pursuit of business excellence in a changing world.

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