The Complete Presenter

Speak with Power and Persuasion


Personalised tuition from Brian Greedy, leading communications coach and speaker. Risk free, practical and supportive program delivers rapid results. 

If you present to 5 or 500, you can survive and thrive in every speaking situation. Stand up, speak out and make a positive impact every time.
Essential Leadership Skill

Speech keeps the wheels of business turning, what you say and how you say it will determine how seriously people will take on board your ideas and the action they take. Every presentation delivers a powerful public relations statement either positively or negatively on your behalf.

The Power of Presentation

When it comes to getting action and swaying opinions, one sparkling presentation is worth five arguments in a discussion, 30 emails and 50 face to face meetings. Not all of us are called upon to deliver an earth shattering presentation to the nation, but we all have moments when the spotlight is on us. In business today outstanding presentation skills provide an exceptional platform to fast track new levels of professional and personal success. Strong presentation skills can advance a career. Poor presentation skills can ground a rising star. If you want career development you need this program.

Practical, Powerful, Personalised Coaching

Our two-day presentation skills course will give you the action points to  maximise your message impact, sharpen your delivery influence skills and increase your credibility with colleagues and clients. From dynamic introductions to powerful closings you’ll learn how speak out with confidence and deliver winning presentations. The results will lead to a significant and observable increase in audience acceptance of your ideas. Even if you have some experience in making presentations this program will strengthen existing skills for greater impact power and influence. No matter how good or important a message, if it’s not delivered in an interesting and effective way, chances are it won’t be heard at all.

Tailored to your Needs

If you choose you can bring along a short presentation to use on the program. You’ll work through a range of practical presentations, supported with video review and feedback. Your individual presentation style is assessed for enhancement and throughout the program you’ll gain a wide range of practical experience. You’ll communicate more powerfully and confidently with skills you can apply immediately. Your idea will not just be heard, they will be acted upon.

“An excellent and relevant program of great assistance in my conference presentation”.
Ashley Busse, Project Manager Queensland Gas Company Brisbane QLD.

“Very informative, practical and valuable training”
Karen Hermann, Dept. of Culture and Arts Perth WA

“Very helpful and Brian has a vast amount of experience and knowledge to pass on.”
Katie Finucane, WA Health Dept. Perth WA

“Brian is clearly a leader in this topic, an enjoyable, practical learning experience.”
Tim Gibbons, Woodside Energy Perth WA

“Program was great. Brian has fabulous knowledge, great interaction with the group. A complete learning experience.”
Rebecca Simpson, Transfield Worley Perth WA

“Brilliant, Confidence building, inspiring: gave me the skills to move forward.”
David Payne, BookBuilding Perth WA

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