Training Programs

The Complete Presenter – Speak with Power & Persuasion

“No skill can open more doors, create more visibility and provide more power than speaking before a group”

The Complete Presenter is a small group, intensive two-day program that will give you the action points, skills and confidence to maximise your message impact. You’ll sharpen delivery skills with increased credibility and influence before any audience.

The Complete Presenter seminar dates, venues and more information can be downloaded here.


Professional Presentations with Power, Punch & Pizzazz

“Learn how to fast track your ability to professionally influence an audience.”

The ability to influence a group with confidence, persuasiveness and power is essential for personal and professional success. Yet how often do we see presentations that are ineffectual, inappropriate and downright boring?

Professional Presentations with Power, Punch & Pizzazz information can be downloaded here.


Advanced Innovative Training Skills – Power Skills for Training Excellence

“There are no boring topics, only boring presenters – every session can be enhanced with imagination and flair”

Advanced Innovative Training Techniques is a small group tuition and coaching program, personalised by Brian Greedy, a leading communications coach, award winning speaker and trainer. This risk free, practical and supportive program guarantees new and innovative training skills.

Advanced Innovative Training Skills can be downloaded here.